Sulejman Bijedić (b. 1988) is a documentary photographer born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lives in Italy, where he came as a child when his family fled the conflict in Bosnia in 1993.

His interests focus mainly on how habits and culture define people of a nation, through the observation of individuals that with their motivations and choices are crafting their own reality in adverse political and economic circumstances. 

Steaming from this curiosity, he travelled to Brazil in 2015 on behalf of an Italian NGO, where he worked on its first photographic project: "Por que não entra?". 

In 2016 he went back to Bosnia and Herzegovina with the idea to explore and report up-close what the brutal war of the 90's left behind. His journey in Bosnia culminates in the work "Odavle samo u harem - In memoriam Abdulah Boskailo” which is still in progress.